“The journey from pauper to king requires a new password in your SPS.”

In this life, too often we base our identity on what we do and not enough on who we are. Proverbs 30:21 talks about a pauper becoming a king. A pauper is raised to be insignificant. He has no self-worth because he doesn’t understand “who” he is and less, “whose” he is. He thinks and feels no one values him.

Because he feels insignificant, he doesn’t watch his words and the way he carries and presents himself. He uses, abuses, and eventually destroys the people he needs the most. Poor leaders do this to the people they are supposed to model leadership and help them fulfill their destiny.

Moses was raised in Pharaoh’s house because if he had been raised in a slaves’ home, God knew he could never lead Israel out of bondage with a slaves’ mentality. Moses was surprised when he was rejected. Whereas, most people are surprised when they are valued.

Self-identity leads to self-awareness. If you are not confident in who you are and whose you are, you will constantly struggle with how you think you come across to people in everyday life. Five things to remember on your journey from a pauper’s mentality to a king’s mentality:

First, you are molded by the way you think. “For as a man thinketh, so is he” Proverbs 23:7. We become like what the most important person in our life thinks we are. If that person is not God, you are already in trouble. No matter what anyone else thinks about you never forget, Jesus is crazy about you!

Second, you are not the product of your environment. You are the result of how you respond to your environment. The same environment that made eleven men world-changers and willing to die for the cause of Christ, destroyed Judas. Seldom can you determine your circumstances. However, mature Christians know their response is their choice.

Third, your God-given name determines your future. Genesis 32 says, “Jacob wrestled all night with an angel at the river Jabbok.” Jabbok means “alone and empty.” Jacob means “deceiver.” After Jacob lost the match, God changed his name to Israel meaning “a prince with God.” Too many live under an alias, don’t know who they really are in Christ. Too many are using the name the enemy gives them and then wonder why they live in defeat.

Fourth, love for yourself determines your love for others, Matthew 22:39. You always reproduce who you think you are, not who you hope to be some day. You cannot think poorly of yourself and highly of others. Mature people know they seldom treat others better than they treat themselves. This not self-love but loving the person God made you.

Fifth, the battle for your true identity was won in the wilderness when the devil challenged Jesus’ identity. Matthew 4:6 says, “If you are the Son of God…” The enemy always questions your identity before he launches his attacks. Until you understand who you are, the enemy continues to operate in his power as the “Prince of the power of the air,” Ephesians 2:2. We are saints of the most high God, Creator and King of the Universe.

Start today living up to your real name, the name God calls you. It’s in His identity that we should “live, move and have our being.” It’s through our relationship with our Heavenly Father that we have a name above all earthly names. If you haven’t made the journey from pauper to king it starts with entering a new password in your SPS, Spiritual Positioning System.