“If you’re having problems with your team’s performance and attitude look in the mirror first.”

What causes a lack of individual behavioral or organizational change? Team members are seldom the problem but get most of the blame. Senior leaders create most of the problems by their lack of leadership in the following four areas:

First, lack of clarity about the rationale, goals and strategy for change. People cannot buy into what they cannot see and understand. Clarity is leaderships’ number one responsibility.

Second, lack of commitment and passion for change by the core leadership team. Passion or the lack of it, both are contagious. If things don’t change when you arrive someone else is leading.

Third, lack of accountability on a regular basis to reinforce positive sustainable change. Without accountability there is no improvement of what already exists much less improving it. Who grades your scorecard?

Fourth, lack of trust by the team in their Leaders’ decision-making skill in leading and executing change. The speed and ability to effect change is all based on trust. Without trust little else matters including talent, education and gifting.

Astronaut James Irwin said, “You think going to the moon was the most scientific project ever, but they literally threw us in the direction of the moon. We had to adjust course every ten minutes and landed only 50 feet inside a 500-mile radius of our target.”

On that mission every change, no matter how small, was essential to success. So it is with yours. If you resist even the slightest change long enough, you may find yourself off course, too late to adjust and have to abort the mission.

Are you off course and struggling with change? When was the last time you looked in the mirror?