“Because you built the platform doesn’t mean you have to stay on the front row.”

Elisha asked Elijah for a double portion. Herein lies the challenge. Do you want the next generation to be almost as good, just as good, or far greater? The choice is every current leader’s challenge when they are nearing the end of their leadership’s shelf life.

Great leadership is empowering and releasing, not holding back and holding on till their capable young leaders look somewhere else to bloom. It is not creating a container to be filled, but a clean slate upon which the next generation can create a fresh vision of the original mission.

Giving the next generation the liberty and blessing to fly away from the nest you created is the best gift you can ever give those that have faithfully followed your leadership and supported your vision.
Great leaders move over when they don’t have to, but they know it’s time. They have served their generation well.

Good leaders move over when they have to, the handwriting is on the wall and the clock is running out.

Poor leaders can’t read the handwriting, can’t tell time and are passionately selling tickets for a train ride that left an hour ago.

Don’t make the next generation have to peel the baton out of your fingers when you fall on the track trying to finish the race. Pass it early enough so that there is still time for you to become their number one cheerleader and enjoy the fruit of your labor reflected in the next generation.