“Living your life today in the light of eternity.”

There are three events for which every Christian needs to prepare–eternity, life, and tomorrow. The Church’s first responsibility is to prepare you for eternity—not just life and tomorrow. The Gospel message must be more than temporal, it must be eternal. The Gospel is the message of the cross and all its implications beginning with living a lifestyle of repentance, the daily turning away from what is wrong and pursuing what is right.

Today too many “preach” and live a Gospel that says you can be a nice person without being a new person. They say you are born a good person come to our church and receive added value to the life you currently live. It seems that the present-day church culture is easily satisfied with a confession with little, if any, behavioral change. If that is true what is the value of being “salt and light?”

Seldom are you confronted with the need to live a changed life, instead you are offered universalism, simply confess Jesus Christ and God will take care of the rest. Somehow everyone goes to heaven. I can assure you, somewhere in the world today people died because they not only confessed Christ, they lived a life worthy of that confession.

If you are not ready for eternity, you are not ready for life or tomorrow. Why should you or anyone prepare for eternity, life and tomorrow?

You will not see the need to prepare for eternity unless you first believe there is an eternity, a life after the one you are living today. Matthew 25:46 says, “And they (those who reject Christ as Savior and Lord) will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous (those who confess Christ as Savior and accept His finished work on the cross) will go into eternal life.”

The life we live today with all its joy, blessings, disappointments and pain, is simply preparation to live for eternity. Without the hope of eternity, this life soon becomes almost meaningless. Wring every bit of life you can out of every day God gives you on this earth. But not at the expense of eternity. Make every day an investment for eternity.

Why prepare for life? Prepare most of all because you are a steward of all the talents, abilities, and gifts that God has invested in you. You are a prototype, one of a kind. No one else on this earth has your eyeprint, fingerprint, or voiceprint. All of this indicates the potential for which God fearfully and wonderfully made you. God has a purpose for your life beyond your daily routine. It’s called your destiny. If you do not fulfill it, it will go undone.

Luke 14:26-27 says that we are His disciples. Every disciple of Christ has a destiny to live in this filthy, hostile, and sin-filled world as an ambassador for the Kingdom of Light. It will cost you the “ownership” of everything to live this life in total peace and victory. However, you are now the steward of all of Heaven’s unlimited resources. Use them wisely as you live today in light of tomorrow’s opportunities and eternity’s finality.

Why prepare for tomorrow? Proverbs 27:1 says, “Don’t boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth.” Psalms 139:16 says, “You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed. “ You can only plan for as far as you can see today. But you can prepare for the all of the tomorrows you cannot see.

Too many are trying to plan and organize days for which they are not prepared. Preparation is first about your heart, your attitude, and your willingness to submit to a God who planned all of your days before you left your mother’s womb. Without that being first all other preparation is futile.

You may not always be ready for what tomorrow may bring, but you can always be prepared! If you are prepared for eternity, God’s wisdom will guide you through life and all of your tomorrows.