“Does your leadership add or subtract to the well-being of those you lead?”

A leadership style of not accepting excuses for lack of competent performance should not mean driving your team beyond their capabilities but exploiting every ounce of their potential.

People will never give you all they can give you until you ask them for just a little more than they think they have to give. However, keep in mind that their lives are full of distractions, conflicting priorities, and out of balance emotions.

Encouragement never denies problems or incompetence. It enables a person to overcome them. It does not validate stubbornness or stupidity. It simply makes a course correction or an attitude adjustment. Great leaders do not leave team members alone to carry the load. They come alongside and say, “Let me help. Together we can do this.”

No matter your leadership venue, most people on your team are living cluttered and messy lives. Never have people faced more uncertainty and personal challenges than they do today. Does your leadership add or lighten their load? If you are not sure, ask them! They may not tell you at first but keep asking, at some point your sincerity will overcome their fear to be honest.

”Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression, but a good word makes it glad.”
Proverbs 12:25

The value of your leadership is not always determined by the numbers and bottom-line results you produce. Some days, it is determined by being a hope-dealer for team members who have lost confidence in their ability to perform and provide value. Your confidence in them breeds a growing competence in their performance.

Confident, competent and well-supported team members will do whatever it takes to make the numbers work for a leader they know cares more about them as people than they do about them being bottom-line producers.