Start Your Week – 2/19/2018

“Why not your best?” A few years ago on the TV program, Jeopardy, the final question was, “How many steps does the guard take during his walk across the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier?” All three contestants missed it. The correct answer is 21 alluding... read more

Start Your Week – 2/12/2018

“Are you a team player, or a solo performer?” Individual team members normally focus on their own strengths, abilities and how they believe success should look. Most of the time this leads to everyone pulled in a different direction. Great leaders know it is their... read more

Start Your Week – 2/05/2018

“You don’t manage people, you correct their behavior and inspire their performance” “A leader who does not correct people is squandering a precious resource. I think one of the things leaders forget is that people look to us to tell them the truth in terms of how they... read more

Start Your Week – 1/29/2018

“What does it take to stop you?” “Effort only fully releases its reward when you refuse to quit.” Napoleon Hill Before success comes in any persons’ life, they often meet with failure and defeat. When discouragement overtakes a person the easiest and most... read more

Start Your Week – 1/22/2018

“How to avoid being overworked and feeling overwhelmed.” Poor leaders find themselves running out of time while their direct reports lack motivation and are running out of productive work. Great leadership is not about your personal production but your team’s... read more

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