Start Your Week – 08/19/19

START YOUR WEEK WITH THE COACH ”Great leaders know respect is earned, not demanded.” Rules and regulations demand compliance, only relationships earn you true respect. The first indicates that you are a boss, while the second reveals that you are a leader. You can... read more

Start Your Week – 08/12/19

START YOUR WEEK WITH THE COACH “Do you have to look for good people to join your team, or do good people look for you?” Great leaders define the expectations with every assignment. Unfulfilled expectations still bring life’s greatest disappointments. What... read more

Start Your Week – 08/05/19

START YOUR WEEK WITH THE COACH ”Vision or problems, which one consumes most of your time?” Too many leaders are like non-swimmers, always thrashing about fighting the water. Stop draining your energy, wasting your leadership influence and building negative relational... read more

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