David Robinson Ph.D

“Transforming Your City”

“If we want to Transform Our Cites, we must go on offense, march into the enemy’s camp and take what doesn’t belong to him!

Rather than staying hunkered in the bunker, we need to plunge ourselves into the fray, swords wielding. Too many of us are sitting around waiting for instructions or permission to act on what we already know to do.

So, what’s holding us back?

We don’t know how to tell someone WHY we believe what we believe.

After decades of working with church and marketplace leaders, I have found that most people cannot defend the faith they claim to believe and are not comfortable sharing their faith when opportunities arise.

And where are most faith-sharing opportunities?

In the marketplace.

Christianity was started by a small business owner named Jesus and He recruited 12 marketplace men. He could have gone to the elite religious training center of his day and chosen the top twelve theological students for His first world evangelism team, but the men He selected would not pass membership qualifications for most current churches. They certainly would not be invited to fill a pulpit or join the local ministerial association. According to the book of Acts, they were unlearned and ignorant men.

What’s the point?

If we want to transform our cities, we must transform them in the marketplace. To do that we should follow the Jesus model and transform our marketplace members into confident explainers and defenders of the faith.

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Transforming Your City

Leadership Coach Dr. Dave Robinson, In his popular weekly Radio Show, tackles
the 3 key leadership questions necessary to effect change in your life – and your city:

What do you want?

What do you have?

What is your plan to close the gap from wants to haves?

That’s where Coaching begins
Dave will help you close that gap!



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