Bridge the Gap Conference


Bridge the Gap Saturday

Saturday Evening, beginning 6pm September 26th, Quad Cities IA, it is time to “Bridge the Gap – Reaping a Harvest across Generations!”  It is a very special appointment time as Dove Bible Club Founder and President, Rev. Loretta Dozier and Team Derrick Ministries Pastor Rodney Derrick bring a powerful Word.

Join us for a Night of Praise and Worship – under the direction of Chris Reid – and a great Word of revelation and transforming from Rev. Loretta Dozier and Pastor Rodney Derrick.

Loretta Dozier - Dove Bible Club Founder

Loretta Dozier, President and Founder of Dove Bible Club, is a native Floridian, born in Miami, Florida. She is married to Anthony Dozier. Together, they have a son named Anthony Dozier II.  Loretta graduated from Mission Bible College in 2007 and received her 2-year diploma in Biblical Studies. She attends the Mission Church in Palm Bay, FL. Loretta received her Master’s degree in 1990 and her Bachelor’s Degree in 1984 from Florida State University. Loretta has worked for Brevard Public Schools for 22 years.

In January 2008, Loretta founded Dove Bible Club Inc. Dove Bible Club is an after-school club that teaches character education using the Holy Bible. Meetings are held on a monthly basis on each school campus. The goals of Dove Bible Club are to introduce students to Bible hallmark figures, share the gospel of Jesus Christ, partner with parents and to have lots of fun.

Dove Bible Club is sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with children – one school at a time. Praise the Lord!!!

Pastor Rodney Derrick, who together with First Lady Ramona Derrick, represents Team Derrick Ministries – comes home to the Quad Cities for this special Bridge the Gap Conference.  The Derricks served together for 20+ years, with Bishop T.D. Jakes & First Lady Serita Jakes, at the Potter’s House of Dallas Texas.  Pastor Derrick, in addition to serving as an Elder in the Church, was promoted to Associate Pastor, a position he held for more than decade prior to creating Team Derrick Ministries.  During his tenure at the Potter’s House, he established the G3 Ministries – a community outreach serving those 50+ in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex.

From their home in San Antonio Texas, Team Derrick Ministries has launched the popular “Conversation & Chat” Bible Empowerment series that airs on Facebook Live each Sunday afternoon at 1pm Central Time – reaching thousands of people weekly through these Biblically inspired studies and chats as well as motivational messages throughout the week.