Marketplace Leadership Development Intensive

Wednesday Morning

Sharpen your skills at Marketplace Leadership with a special Personal Development track that focuses on equipping you for maximum impact in your role as a Marketplace Leader – amazing speakers and great instruction on excelling in this area.

Leadership Development Intensive

The Morning Session (9:00am-11:30am) features a compelling Keynote Speaker who led an organization from its inception to significant success – as well as guest speakers who bring to life important leadership topics including covering Emotional Intelligence, Organizational Intelligence, and Management Intelligence.

Leadership Development Luncheon

The Leadership Luncheon (11:30am-1:00pm) features Keynote Speaker Dr. Dave Weldon – speaking on the topic of Business, Government & Education – the three “Gates of Influence” in Marketplace Ministry.  Dr. Weldon is a Medical Doctor, who has received recognition for the Delivery of Quality Diabetes Care by NCQA (the National Committee for Quality Assurance) as well as for providing excellent care to persons with cardiovascular disease or stroke from NCQA’s Heart/Stroke recognition program.  He is also a Clinical University Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Florida Institute of Technology as well as a sought-after Consultant. He also has been a popular U.S. Representative, elected 7 times and serving 14 years representing Florida’s 15th Congressional District.  Dr. Weldon also served our country as a U.S. Army veteran.

Join us for this important day as we focus on Developing the Leader God has Called You to Be.