Bridge the Gap Conference 2020

Bridge the Gap Conference 2020

1st Thessalonians 5:23 Conference – Spirit, Soul & Body!

Three days – September 25th-27th – Bridge the Gap Conference 2020 – designed to ignite Transformation!

Friday’s Signature Welcome event: VIP Experience with the Producers of the popular Christian film Beautifully Broken

Saturday Morning Breakout: Dove Bible Club for Kid’s, “The Waiting Room” – Woman in Action – Revive Session with First Lady Ramona Derrick and “Adam!  Where Art Thou?” Man Talk with Pastor Rodney Derrick.

Saturday Noon: Transforming Your City Marketplace Ministry Leadership Development MasterClass

Saturday Evening: Bridge the Gap Celebration with a special Word from Pastor Rodney Derrick, of Team Derrick Ministries, and Rev. Loretta Dozier, Pastor/Founder/President of Dove Bible Club.  It’s a musical Praise event that will lift, transform and take us to the next level.

Sunday Celebration: Rejuvenating Word from Pastor Frank Livingston, Senior Pastor, Mount Sinai Christian Fellowship

Key Events – Friday – Sept 25th

“Beautifully Broken” VIP Red Carpet Screening

Join us for this Friday evening VIP Red Carpet Screening of the top-rated faith-based film of 2018, Beautifully Broken, together with Team Derrick Ministries as well as special guests, Randy & Darla Hartley, the Producers of the film (and the parents in one of the families portrayed in the film), who will be at this very special event.


Key Events – Saturday – Sept 26th

Transforming Your City Master Class
“Possessing the Gates of Influence
A 90-minute intensive designed to equip you with Leadership Development tools to “Bridge the Gap” through Marketplace Ministry.

Dr. Kerry Fink, CEO of TYG Media and Chief Director of Academic Operations at Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary, moderates this class together with noted speaker and author Dr. Dave Robinson. Dr. Robinson, of Coaching4Ministers & Transforming Your City, travels in the USA and overseas 200+ days a year helping leaders improve their skills and equipping them to see their vision become a reality.

Bridge the GapQuad Cities Spirit, Soul & Body Celebration
Sunday September 27th – Mount Sinai Christian Fellowship – Davenport IA
Pastor Frank Livingston and First Lady Teketa Livingston invite you to join us!
“Reap the Harvest across Generations.”

Join us Sunday morning 10am for a special “Bridge the Gap” Bible Study and at 11:30 for a Powerful Word from Pastor Frank Livingston, who brings it all together as we Celebrate our steps towards Bridging the Gap and Reaping the Harvest among Generations.  This is an impactful Sunday that “lights it off” as the Quad Cities steps to its destiny on so many levels.

Conference at a Glance:

Conference at a Glance



Bridge the Gap – Reaping the Harvest across Generations is all about 3 Days to ignite Transformation.  This multi-generational gathering, built around Spirit, Soul & Body, 1 Thessalonians 5:23, gathers together at Mount Sinai Christian Fellowship to stir up the gifts within us for Kingdom advancement.  We’re Blessed to have gathered excellent Keynote Speakers, from all corners of the world, who bring their own expertise to the topics.  Special meet’n’greet segments ensure your access to these leaders along the way.

In cooperation with the Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary, of Greensboro Maryland and Melbourne Florida, participants at the Master Class Conference session of the Transforming Your City program, will receive a Certificate of Completion and are eligible to obtain College Course Credit, towards Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary degree programs, through the College’s Registrar Office.


Your Personal Invitation

Team DerrickTeam Livingston

You are invited to “Bridge the Gap!”  What a great moment to come together in the Quad Cities with Pastor Rodney Derrick and First Lady Ramona Derrick, of Team Derrick Ministries, San Antonio TX, as they lead the 1st Annual Bridge the Gap gathering – Reaping the Harvest across Generations – together with Pastor Frank Livingston and First Lady Teketa Livingston at the Mount Sinai Christian Fellowship in Davenport IA.

3 Days to Ignite Transformation – it won’t be the same without you … and we encourage you to join us for this Conference …   Mark your calendar and plan to join us!

From the important message (and excitement!) of our “Beautifully Broken” VIP Red Carpet Screening Friday night, to Saturday sessions for Children (Dove Bible Club) Women (Woman in Action – ReVive) and Marketplace Leaders (Transforming Your City) – there is something for everyone!  Saturday evening – with a special Word from Rev. Loretta Dozier and Pastor Rodney Derrick – and Sunday morning – with a power-packed Message from Pastor Frank Livingston – this transformational weekend is the launching pad to your Destiny in the Kingdom!


Your Personal Invitation to Transforming Your City Master Class

Dr. Kerry FinkBusiness, Government, and Education: Business creates the jobs – and the wealth – that keeps the wheels turning. Government makes the rules and regulations and, to some degree, redistributes the wealth to accomplish those purposes. Education represents the future – what is taught to those coming up is a representation of the way things will be as time goes along.

As Christians, we often abdicate our responsibility to be present in these areas because it can be tough – and often uncomfortable – in today’s politically correct world. In fact, it often feels “safer” to retreat into the comfort of our Church fellowships than to tackle the thorny and awkward questions that come up in today’s fast-changing legislative and moral environments.

And, yet, we are called out to do the exact opposite. We are to be a light “in the world” and “not of it.”

Recently, during beverage service on a recent flight, the airline provided a napkin and, next to the airline’s logo, it read “The World is Changed by Those Out In It.” Interesting concept – and very much at the core of our calling as Marketplace Ministers!

The Transforming Your City Master Class is NOT ABOUT offering a formula … it is about equipping us for working together to develop us, as Marketplace Leaders, to help about those we care about most, and to impact OUR community for good.

So, let’s get started! Mark your Calendar now – save the date – 1200nn-130pm on Saturday, September 26th 2020 – and plan also for all related events happening over the weekend, Friday-Sunday, September 25th-27th!

God Bless you!

Thank You to our Kingdom Building Partners:

Team Derrick
Woman In Action ReVive
Dove Bible Club
Transforming Your City
Beautifully Broken Movie
Mount Sinai Christian Fellowship
Pastors Frank & Lady Tekita Livingston

Mount Sinai Christian Fellowship

Grateful to Pastor Frank & First Lady Teketa Livingston, and Mount Sinai Christian Fellowship, for hosting Bridge the Gap Conference 2020 on their campus.

Pentecostal Church of God

Thanks also to Bishop Mark & First Lady Saleta Anderson, and Pentecostal Church of God, for providing for Saturday’s Family & Friends Choir Session.

Bishop Mark & First Lady Anderson



The 1st Gate of Influence

1st Gate of Influence - Business

Creates the Wealth in Your City.


The 2nd Gate of Influence

2nd Gate of Influence - Government

Controls by Law & Legislation.

The 3rd Gate of Influence

3rd Gate of Influence - Education

Sets Future Values & Philosophies.

The Leadership Experience

Leadership Coach and Expert Dr. Dave Robinson Ph.D shares what is on his heart – giving you a fresh insight and revelation into Transforming YOUR City!

Tools that Make a Difference

Author/Speaker/Coach Dr. Dave Robinson, travels globally more than 250 days each year, equipping Marketplace Leaders with the tools and tips that ensure success both individually, organizationally and in the market place.

Ministry Outside the Box

Transforming Your City Day empowers you to take back the “Gates of Influence” in your city through Marketplace Leadership.

Leadership Panels to Empower You

The Transforming Your City Day Conference includes panels of local leaders who participate in highly relevant discussion panels, covering the Business, Government and Education gates of influence in your city.