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The Transforming Your City Day Conference features Leadership Training from Coach Dr. Dave Robinson
as well as Panels with Local Business Leaders in Business, Government and Education.

The 1st Gate of Influence

1st Gate of Influence - Business

Creates the Wealth in Your City.


The 2nd Gate of Influence

2nd Gate of Influence - Government

Controls by Law & Legislation.

The 3rd Gate of Influence

3rd Gate of Influence - Education

Sets Future Values & Philosophies.

The Transforming Your City Day Conference

The Conference itself is a fast-paced and informative experience that alternates from expert Leadership Training sessions with Dr. Dave Robinson that both set the pace and direction for Transforming Your City, as well as Keynote Speakers who bring their own expertise to the topic.  Special meet’n’greet segments ensure your access to these leaders along the way.  The Conference also features Business, Government and Education Leadership, composted of local leaders who share their own experience and successes in Marketplace Ministry.

The Leadership Experience

Leadership Coach and Expert Dr. Dave Robinson Ph.D shares what is on his heart – giving you a fresh insight and revelation into Transforming YOUR City!

Tools that Make a Difference

Author/Speaker/Coach Dr. Dave Robinson, travels globally more than 250 days each year, equipping Marketplace Leaders with the tools and tips that ensure success both individually, organizationally and in the market place.

Ministry Outside the Box

Transforming Your City Day empowers you to take back the “Gates of Influence” in your city through Marketplace Leadership.

Leadership Panels to Empower You

The Transforming Your City Day Conference includes panels of local leaders who participate in highly relevant discussion panels, covering the Business, Government and Education gates of influence in your city.