TYC Marketing & Social Media Intensive

Wednesday Afternoon

Marketing & Social Media Intensive

The Marketing & Social Media Intensive is designed to equip you with an understanding of Branding and Marketing as well as an opportunity to learn about critical skills for Social Media and Digital Marketing.  Everything from Facebook to Instagram to Google Business and more – this is Marketing & Social Media Intensive that will pay you back in today’s busy Marketplace.

This Afternoon Session (100pm-400pm) features teaching and insight from Dr. Kerry Fink, CEO of TYG Media.  TYG Media is a full-service Christian Multi-Media firm specializing in Movie, Television, Radio, Print and Digital production & media distribution and Kerry is a Multi-Media Marketing consultant and manager with 40+ years in mass media both domestically and internationally.

Kerry is also President of the American Evangelistic Association – a Christian Ministry that licenses/ordains ministers and provides covering for churches, ministries & missionary organizations for more than 65 years.  He is Chief Director of Academic Operations for Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary – an ACSI accredited non-denominational online and correspondence Bible College with 42+ years of operational experience. He also serves as Media & Marketing Director of Helping Seniors of Brevard, a 501(c)(3) – an organization dedicated to improving quality of life for SENIORS through information & education.  (KerryFink.com/About)

Kerry is joined by a number of Marketing & Media experts – the session also includes “Power Strategies” – presentations from experts in Video & TV; Radio & Audio; Expos & Events, Signage & Print, Websites & Social Media, Online Sales & Strategies and Twitter & More Social Media.


Travis Gibb is CEO of The Effex Agency.  Travis, through Effex Agency, works with Web design, Branding, Social Media Strategies, Counseling, Advertising and Mentoring.  Travis is an expert with all facets of online marketing and digital analytics and he shares his insight and expertise, in today’s Social Media & Marketing intensive, together with a carefully selected panel of social media experts, to accelerate the world wide online presence for your business, organization and/or ministry.

Travis also leas Breaking Walls, a Marketplace Ministry, that impacts Brevard County – it is not simply a roundtable, professional networking group, business Bible study, or guest speaker forum. It is a group of dynamic believers to find how God wants to Impact the Marketplace whose mission is “Understanding Divine Purpose int he Marketplace.”

Join us for this important afternoon devoted to sharpening your ability to make an impact in the Marketplace – whether through your business, your organization, or your ministry – through Marketing & Social Media.

Enjoy a break Beachside and make plans to join us for a Transforming Your City Welcome Dinner at the lovely Paradise Conference Center – its an informal and pleasant way to get to know fellow Transforming Your City Accelerate! Conference attendees and to talk about all the great things ahead.   RSVP is required.  (Entree options are $20 plus tax & tip).