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Transforming Your City is Blessed to have an amazing group of people with amazing backgrounds who share their passion for Marketplace Ministry in the Transforming Your City Acceleration 2019 Conference!


First Lady Ramona Derrick – is First Lady and Co-Pastor of the Life Community Church of San Antonio TX and the inspiration behind the Woman in Action ReVive Ministry that is exploding coast-to-coast.  Having served at T.D. Jakes mega-church, the Potter’s House of Dallas TX, for 22 years, she has gained a unique insight into ministry and served thousands upon thousands of attendees in various roles. 

First Lady Ramona Derrick is the Keynote Presenter at Thursday’s Woman in Action ReVive Conference – part of the Tansforming Your City Acceleration 2019 Conference.



Pastor Rodney Derrick – is Senior Pastor of the Life Community Church of San Antonio TX and, most recently, served as Associate Pastor for TD Jakes’ 30,000 member mega-church, the Potter’s House of Dallas TX, for many years.  In his capacity at The Potter’s House, among other responsibilities, Pastor Derrick headed the G3 Ministry which serves the 50+ population of the Church.  In his lifetime of ministry, Pastor Derrick also served as Director of New Member Relations, welcoming thousands of people to the church during his service at the Potter’s House.

Pastor Rodney Derrick is the Keynote Presenter at Thursday’s Aging Gracefully & Beautifully Seniors and Caregivers Conference – part of the Transforming Your City Acceleration 2019 Conference.



Loretta Dozier, a native Floridian, is married to Anthony Dozier and, together, they have a son named Anthony Dozier II.  oretta graduated from Mission Bible College in 2007 and received her 2-year diploma in Biblical Studies. She attends the Mission Church in Palm Bay, FL. Loretta received her Master’s degree in 1990 and her Bachelor’s Degree in 1984 from Florida State University. Loretta has worked for Brevard Public Schools for 22 years.  

In January 2008, Loretta founded Dove Bible Club Inc. Dove Bible Club is an after-school club that teaches character education using the Holy Bible. Meetings are held on a monthly basis on each school campus. The goals of Dove Bible Club are to introduce students to Bible hallmark figures, share the gospel of Jesus Christ, partner with parents and to have lots of fun.

Loretta Dozier serves on the Steering Committee for Transforming Your City Acceleration! 2019 and is Keynote Speaker throughout.


Dr. Kerry Fink – is a Multi-Media and Marketing expert, business manager and corporate consultant with 40+ years’ experience.  As CEO of TYG Media, the full-service Christian Multi-Media firm experienced in development and production of Movies, Television, Radio, Print, and Digital, Kerry has an extensive background working with development and marketing of Christian movies and television, as well as Network Radio and Radio Station ownership and management both domestically and overseas.  He has extensive experience in online digital media, including social media development as well as event management developing Theme Cruise Music Programs for major global cruise lines.  Kerry is a recognized expert in the Mature Market, authoring the book “How to Get Your Unfair Share of a $3.6 trillion Market”, and a frequent conference speaker. Kerry earned his B.S. Management/Marketing from Georgia Tech, MBA in Marketing & Finance at Georgia State University, and his Doctors of Religious Education at the Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary. Kerry, and his wife Tammy, reside in Palm Bay Florida and have 3 children, and a grandchild. 

Dr. Kerry Fink is the Keynote Presenter at Wednesday’s Transforming Your City Marketing & Social Media Intensive.



Travis Gibb – is CEO of The Effex Agency.  Travis, through Effex Agency, works with Web design, Branding, Social Media Strategies, Counseling, Advertising and Mentoring.  Travis is an expert with all facets of online marketing and digital analytics and he shares his insight and expertise, in the Transforming Your City Social Media & Marketing intensive, together with a carefully selected panel of social media experts, to accelerate the world wide online presence for your business, organization and/or ministry.

Travis also leas Breaking Walls, a Marketplace Ministry, that impacts Brevard County – it is not simply a roundtable, professional networking group, business Bible study, or guest speaker forum. It is a group of dynamic believers to find how God wants to Impact the Marketplace whose mission is “Understanding Divine Purpose int he Marketplace.”

Travis shares his expertise as a Keynote Speaker in Thursday’s Transforming Your City Social Media & Marketing intensive. 



AJ (“King”) James Graham Jr. – is musician, singer-songwriter and audio engineer.

Reaching out to generations through songs inspired by God, good times and the realities of life. As he himself is an overcomer of self-doubt, depression and many adversities. James is dedicated to showing the world through music that you are who you believe you are, and that God isn’t limited by our imaginations.

“King Graham” will be providing music ministry and inspiration for the Transforming Your City Acceleration 2019 Conference.


Randy & Donna Hartley are the Executive Producers of the film Beautifully Broken. Randy, a successful financial planner near Nashville, met William Mwizerwa, a Rwandan businessman who lost everything escaping his country – including his parents and most members of his extended family – during the mass genocide in the 1990s.   Beautifully Broken is an inspiring true story of hope that follows them as their lives become intertwined in an unlikely journey across the globe, where they learn the healing power of forgiveness and reconciliation. Filmed on location in South Africa and Louisiana, the film boasts an impressive ensemble cast and the title song is performed by three different artists (pop star Plumb, Grammy®-winning country artist John Berry, and acclaimed gospel singer CeCe Winans.)

Randy and Donna Hartley are Keynote Presenters at Thursday’s Luncheon at the Transforming Your City Acceleration 2019 Conference and will be in attendance at the Beautifully Broken VIP Dinner and Movie Red Carpet Screening with the stars and real-life people from the movie.



J. B. Kump – is the Minister of Small Groups, Retreats and Visitation at the Great Outdoors Community Church in Titusville FL.  J. B. is originally from Kansas City, Missouri and he and his wife, Shirley moved here 25 years ago after he retired from the U.S. Air Force. J.B. has served as Chairman of the Titusville Area Chamber of Commerce and is a former Congressional staffer and Aerospace Executive.  He also helped organize and lead The Joseph Fund of North Brevard. The Kumps reside in Willow Lakes and they have two adult children and three grandsons. He completed his ministry studies and was ordained in 2017.

J.B. Kump, in the Transforming Your City Acceleration 2019 Conference, speaks on “Leadership in the Marketplace.”


Dale Lind, who exemplifies Marketplace Ministry – both throughout his successful career developing Waterman Village in Mount Dora Florida and as a sought-after author/speaker who focuses on mastering the concept of Emotional Intelligence.

Dale is the author of Empowered Possibilities: Living Your Best Life at Any Age and, most recently, released Breaking through to the Emotionally Intelligent You: Be the Person You Were Meant to Be.  Dale is an authority on Emotional Intelligence – It is a well established fact that Emotional Intelligence is a far better predictor than Intellectual Intelligence. The single most important purpose of Dale’s book is to provide the reader with a ten-step process for achieving the emotionally intelligent greatness they were designed for.

At Transforming Your City Acceleration 2019, Dale speaks on the topic of Emotional Intelligence during Wednesday’s Leadership Development intensive.


Rob Medina – is Director of Community & Military Relations at Congressman Bill Posey’s office. In addition to nearly a decade of service to Congressman Bill Posey, hHe has extensive governmental service and experience as Commissioner’s Aide to Brevard County Commissioner Jackie Colon. In addition, Rob is also Directory of Ministry at The House at Palm Bay and frequent speaker at the Space Coast Prayer Breakfast. Rob has served the Country proudly as a U.S. Marine and Rob is running for Public Office for the Office of Mayor of Palm Bay.

Rob Medina is the Moderator and a Featured Speaker at Friday’s Transforming Your City Acceleration 2019 Conference.



Robert Mutchler is the owner of Mutchler Creative Media – a full service video and creative production firm that serves businesses, ministries and organizations locally in Brevard County and nationwide.  Robert is a responsible, committed and creative professional with over 18 years of experience in video production – including Corporate work with Bright House Communications.. Robert’s goal is to create and produce videos of outstanding quality.

Robert speaks at the Transforming Your City Acceleration 2019! Conference session on Marketing & Social Media.


Dr. Dave Robinson is the driving force behind the Transforming Your City movement.  Since 1966, Dr. Robinson has developed his leadership and management skills through a wide range of opportunities in both the church world and the marketplace. He and his wife, Marie, have been married since 1968 and have lived in the Chicago, IL area since 1979.  Since 2005, he has served as a full-time executive leadership coach for leaders in the church, business, government and education. He travels in the USA and overseas 200+ days a year helping leaders improve their leadership skills and see their vision become a reality.  He has a Bachelor of Applied Theology from Logos Christian College, Master of Organizational Leadership from Southern Seminary and a PhD in Organizational Leadership from Logos University.   He serves on the Board of Christ for the Nations in Dallas TX and has authored five books on Leadership and Marketplace Leadership. He publishes a monthly e-Leadership article currently read by 40,000+ people in over 30 nations. You can also follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Dr. Dave Robinson – who is traveling during the time of the Transforming Your City Conference – takes time to present a Keynote Video message for attendees.


Dr. Paul Rosbury is the Overseer of SCC, Seminary Covenant Community, and he is a Social Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Coach to leaders in Churches, Business, Educational, Government, Social and Family communities. He is an expert in the opportunities and challenges of start-up business and non-profits organizations.

Seminary Covenant Community is a Group 501c3 member organization. SCC offers exemptions, coaching, and oversight for accountability. in five divisions; Congregations, Education, Ministry, Missions and Social Enterprise. SCC primary educational program is Tapestry Christian College and Academy a Dual enrollment open curriculum college. His Learn Start Build a seminar and forum program is now a part of SCC

Dr. Paul Rosbury speaks at the Transforming Your City Leadership Luncheon on Wednesday, November, 6th.


Dr. Dave Weldon is a Board Certified physician who was first elected to the U.S. House of Representatives by the voters of the 15th District in Florida in 1994 where he served for 14 years. He serves as University Clinical Professor with the BioMedical Engineering College at the Florida Institute of Technology.  Dave was born on Long Island, New York and worked his way through college earning a degree in biochemistry. He attended S.U.N.Y. Buffalo School of Medicine on a U.S. Army Health Professions scholarship for his medical degree.  He served six years in the Army, rising to the rank of Major. He left active duty in 1987 and served in the U.S. Army Reserve until 1992. After his active duty service, he entered private practice in Florida, until his election to the U.S. House in 1994. In 2008 he retired from politics to return to his practice in Melbourne, Florida.  He serves on several charity boards involved in supporting the nation’s space program. He has been married to his wife, Nancy, for 30 over years and has two children, Katie and David.

Dr. Dave Weldon is our Transforming Your City Leadership Lunch Keynote Speaker Wednesday.