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Transforming Your City focuses on tackling the 3 key leadership questions necessary for change in your city:

What do you want?

What do you have?

What is your plan to close the gap from wants to haves?

What the Transforming Your City Radio Show covers:

From The Coach's Clipboard

Leadership Coach and Expert Dr. Dave Robinson Ph.D shares what is on his heart – giving you a fresh insight and revelation into Transforming YOUR City!

The Coach's Playbook

Author/Speaker/Coach Dave, who travels globally more than 250 days each year, helping to transform cities – and nations! with his effective teaching and coaching style, offers a leadership nugget that is highly relevant today for your own leadership role!

Ask Marketplace Leaders

In the course of his travels, Dr. Dave Robinson connects with leaders in all areas of influence, Business, Government, and Church, and invites experts to join him, in this segment, for a great understanding – and advancing – of Leadership that will Transform Your City!

Ask Coach Dave!

In this segment, Dr. Dave Robinson goes to the phones, social media and emails, to answer questions directly coming in from his thousands of weekly listeners to “Transforming Your City”

Every month Transforming Your City gives its members a new and exciting offer: