Wednesday: Developing the Leader God Has Called You to Be.

Transforming Your City Acceleration Conference 2019

Wednesday is about Developing YOU!

900am-1130am – Marketplace Leadership Development Intensive
1130am-100pm – Marketplace Leadership Luncheon
100pm-400pm – Marketplace Marketing & Social Media Intensive
530pm-730pm – Transforming Your City Welcome Dinner

A Marketplace Leader Personal Development track in the morning and tools/strategies for Marketing & Outreach in the afternoon.

Wednesday Highlights


MORNING – 900am-1130am Leadership Development Intensive
Keynote Speaker – Dr. John Reinhold – Founder of Christian Care Medi-Share
Keynote Speaker – Loretta Dozier – Founder of Dove Bible Club

LUNCH – 1130am-100pm Marketplace Leadership Luncheon
Keynote Speaker – Hon. Dr. Dave Weldon – Medical Doctor, College Professor & 7-term Former Congressman

AFTERNOON – 100pm-400pm Marketplace Marketing & Social Media Intensive
Keynote Speaker – Dr. Kerry Fink – CEO of TYG Media Christian Media
Keynote Speaker – Travis Gibb – CEO of The Effex Agency

EVENING – 530Pm-730pm Transforming Your City Welcome Dinner

Enjoy a break Beachside and make plans to join us for a Transforming Your City Welcome Dinner at the lovely Paradise Conference Center – its an informal and pleasant way to get to know fellow Transforming Your City Accelerate! Conference attendees and to talk about all the great things ahead.   RSVP is required.  (Entree options are $20 plus tax & tip).