“Understanding the heart of others while fully sharing your own—that’s communication”

Communication is the cornerstone of any organization. Confusion has reigned since the serpent asked Eve in the Garden of Eden, “Hath God not said?”

Effective communication requires an absolute standard of truth that both parties understand and accept. The problem with communication is seldom over the facts, but the perception of those facts as Truth and how it brings operational value on a daily basis.

Communicating effectively is not being a charismatic speaker or writing clearer emails. Great leadership is creating a compelling vision, having a clear strategy, an inspirational set of values and communicating that with a level of passion that energizes the team to achieve above average results.

All leaders must routinely defend, clarify or announce actions in ways that acknowledge the many and often conflicting demands of their core leaders and influential stakeholders. Lacking strong communication skills leaders in all organizations are ineffective at best, or worse, irrelevant.

Communication clarity is leaderships’ number one priority. It matters little how compelling your vision, how passionately you pursue it, or how deep your pockets. Without understanding the hearts of your core leaders and them understanding yours, your best efforts are in vain.

Great leaders approach communicating as a daily problem-solving skill, not a necessity to endure. What you say, when and where you say it, and how you communicate vital information and leadership intent, creates a portrait of who you are and affects greatly how your leadership is interpreted.

Great leaders learn early to effectively communicate their vision and values. How they invest their resources, manage their events and leverage their time and energy. Most of all, great leaders respond to crises in ways that benefit everyone, not their own personal interests.

Never let your passion to accomplish great things get in the way of understanding the hearts of your team. That always comes first. If not, disappointment sets in because in return it seems they never understand your heart’s intent.

Great communication always begins with listening first and telling second. Reverse the order and see how fast production goes down, passion by the team for the mission diminishes and your best team members start looking for a leader who puts the hearts of his team above his own.