“Great leaders do three things for their team.”

The Bible is the greatest leadership manual ever written. Corporations, organizations and churches that are the most profitable, effective and sustainable use biblical principles whether they understand them, agree with or promote them.

There is a story in Joshua 1:9-15 that illustrates this truth. Here are three leadership principles found in that text:

First, “Be strong and courageous” (v.9). Your leadership significance expands or shrinks in proportion to the risk. Strength and courage are not demonstrated through great speeches but through predetermined actions. You can follow from a distance but you can’t lead from there.

Second, “Crossover ahead of your brothers” (v.14). Leaders are always ahead in pursuing the vision because they are the most passionate about winning. They don’t possess the mission, the mission possesses them. They teach their team the importance of expectation management and how to lead to the future—not just win today.

Third, “Help your brothers” (v.14). How long do great leaders invest in their team? Until they “possess the land,” reach the goal! The race is not finished until every team member crosses the finish line. Team success should never cause personal discouragement or failure of any individual team member.

When you do what you are called to do, the reason you are called “Leader,” your team will respond as did Joshua’s in Verse 16: “And they answered Joshua, we will do whatever you command us, and we will go wherever you send us.”

Success through teamwork doesn’t just happen. As the leader you have to make clear and compelling strategic plans and focus everyone’s individual effort on the teams’ goal. Relational skills and a spirit of teamwork must have value above technical skill and position all the time.

There are no limits for any team when they are led by a leader who puts these three principles ahead of his own ambition and personal comfort.