“Three things that will get you to the next level”


“Be not conformed…but transformed by renewing your mind.” (Romans 12:2)A made up mind is a battle won. Author G.K. Chesterton said, “If I kicked the person most responsible for my troubles I wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week.”

For most people, what’s preventing them from moving to the next level is the person they see every day in the mirror and a vacillating mind.


“This day the Lord will hand you over to me and I will strike you down.” (1 Samuel 17:46) King David had grenot in himself, but in his God.

Research shows there is a greater connection between self-confidence and achievement than between I.Q. and achievement. If that’s true how much more is it between confidence in God and achievement?

If Michelangelo had consulted his doubts and critics he would have painted the floor—not the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.


“All run but not all win…run to win.” (1 Corinthians 9:24) Great preparation creates winners. You practice what’s important before you play when it counts.

Charlie Brown to Linus, “Life is too much for me. I’ve been confused since I was born. I think the trouble is we’re thrown into life too soon.” Linus says, “What do you want?” Charlie replies, “A chance to warm up!”

There is always a price to pay for getting to the next level. Knowing what you have to give up to get there is half the price. For most of us there is something we need to stop doing, not just something we need to start doing.

“A man is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.”

Jim Elliott, martyred as a missionary to Equator in 1956