“Before you release the “Vision-Drainers” on your team try the following:”

First, describe what you have observed as negative in their behavior. Be fair and honest without being judgmental. Discuss with them what needs to improve and why.

If they agree and show a willingness to improve move to step two. If they don’t, help them find a place where their abilities and attitude are a better fit.

Second, be clear about what is acceptable behavior and performance. Provide additional teaching and training if necessary. Remember, no amount of teaching or training can make up for a poor attitude or non-productive behavior.

Trying to lead or coach vision-drainers is frustrating at best and a team-spirit killer if allowed to continue for very long. The longer you allow vision-drainers to remain, the more frustrated your vision-makers become and the sooner they leave.

Third, make sure they understand the consequences of continued poor performance and set a deadline for improvement. Have them summarize your conversation and commit to making the needed changes.

Winning or losing is first an attitude before it’s an action or an outcome. No one is blessed with all Vision-Makers, not even Jesus. However, he did turn a lot of losers into winners because of his attitude toward them and his willingness to not give up on anyone making a sincere effort.

Before you release any team member make sure it’s because of their attitude and lack of effort, not because of your frustration, lack of teaching and training or unwillingness to go the second-mile.

Most of the time you have to move tons of dirt to find an ounce of gold. If you thought they were worth asking to join your team originally, don’t get weary in moving the dirt till you find their value.

It takes a great leader to find the gold, especially when it’s hidden deep. Michael Jordon, as a sophomore, was cut from his high-school basketball team. However, he went on to become one of the greatest NBA players of all time.

No one starts out as “great.” They have to believe God put greatness in them and then find a leader who’s willing to help them move a lot of dirt to find it!