Our founding Fathers were not so brilliant in forming the government of the fledgling new country because they foresaw the modern economic system that has evolved, but because they knew basic human nature that is the same today as it was in their times.

The Founders had a remarkable insight into the sources of tyranny from the top and the bottom of society. They had been subjected to the oppression of King George of England and had witnessed the horrors of mob-rule that fueled The French Revolution.

America’s first leaders warned that the Republic could only be maintained by a moral and religious people. They assured us we could not survive as a Republic with the kind of moral meltdown that we have suffered over the past fifty years and the departure from a core Christian value system that laid the foundation and permeated her society for the first 200 years.

We have not only lost these, but our nation has become increasingly hostile to those of faith, especially the followers of Jesus Christ. America was overwhelmingly a nation of Bible-believing Christians at her founding. Biblical values that influenced her government, educational system and the way she did business.

The battle over social issues that we face today at the highest levels find their roots in the rejection and rebellion against those founding values. When I went to Vietnam to serve my country, I went to defend those values. I did not go to make America richer, smarter, or more accommodating to anti-biblical values.

May God help us to remember on this Independence Day, not only our freedom as an independent nation, but our daily dependence on the Christian faith that beat so strongly in the hearts of those who founded our great nation!