“Don’t forget to fill the tanks of your average producers!”

Great leaders resist recognizing only top performers. All great organizations are built on a lot of good middle producers and a few outstanding performers who’ve learned to deal with their ego in a healthy way.

Every team member not only deserves recognition, but requires it. They need it individually and for their efforts as a team player. Most people scramble for it and feel starved without it. Never forget, no one ever overdosed on respect and encouragement.

Recognition and respect is the energy that fuels the human spirit. Great leaders fuel all team members, not just their top performers. Don’t wait till they are on empty, top off their tanks every day!

Great leaders use healthy relationships to inspire their team while poor leaders bully people using fear and manipulation. Manipulation is using fear or misguided incentives for producing short-term gains without concern for the long-term problems they create.

Productive individuals and teamwork is the result of great leaders instilling confidence and recognizing their good average producers while allowing them to share in the limelight created by the team’s mature superstars.

Great teams have both! Have you identified both on your team? When was the last time you filled up their emotional fuel tanks?