”Does your team know how to create a win?”

Great leaders always define the expectations with any assignment they give to their team. Unfulfilled expectations still bring life’s greatest disappointments.

Your ability to attract and retain valuable people increases in direct proportion to your ability to define expectations when they first join your team.

Good people who cannot find fulfillment and value associating with you and your team should not stay around too long. If they do, they damage the team and diminish your leadership in they eyes of the rest of the team.

Refresh, retrain, or remove them–sooner rather than later. Who is your team today that needs inspired? Who needs additional training? Who needs released so that they can find a better fit?

Leaders are disappointed because their team doesn’t fulfill their expectations. Team members are discouraged because their leader never defined and showed them how to win.

Are you sure your team knows what you expect? How do you know? Is it fair to hold people accountable for expectations that have never been defined? If those expectations are not written, do they really exist?

Great leaders recruit the right people, make sure they understand the expectations of their assignment and provide significant opportunities for them to win on a regular basis.