“Keys to winning on a daily basis”

Great leaders bring a winning attitude and operational value on a daily basis. If you are not consistently winning, (reaching your goals) then you may need to change the way you’re organized, change the way you operate, or maybe change who’s on your team.

The connection between your team members, your strategy (action plan) and the way you go about your routine tasks must be strong, clear and simple. If any of these are foggy, winning consistently will be a constant challenge.

If you have the right players on your team. If your structure is consistently bringing operational value and everyone knows how they create value and you’re still not winning, then take a honest look at your strategy, your action plan for success.

Your strategy, must do three key things. First, it must define your goals. Second, it must focus and guide your team’s daily efforts. Finally, it must determine your structure and create a simple and clear path to success.

As the leader, you may be able to ”connect the dots.” However, until your team members can connect them, winning on a regular basis will remain just out of reach and soon de-energize everyone.

Winning every day requires more than just hard work and having the right people on the team. Winning on a daily basis and seeing your vision become a reality is determined by getting those three strategy steps right.

”Commit your work to the Lord and your plans will be established.”

Proverbs 16:3