”Are you determined to win, or just satisfied to compete?”

At Disney, leadership is not defined by your title or position, it’s defined by your actions. Every leader proactively works to align their personal values and daily work ethic with the Disney vision and values. Result? A motivated, innovative and productive team.

All leaders are expected to serve as role models for the next generation of leaders. They are told, the WAY you lead tells a story about your values and contributes to the leadership legacy at the world’s number one entertainment company.

Team members who are satisfied with average at best, or worse, mediocre, are a threat to any team that wants to excel.

Winning, depending on how you keep score, may not be everything but not doing your best all the time is a weakness great leaders will not tolerate. The moment you settle for second best you are no longer an asset but a liability the rest of the team must carry.

As a leader you not only have to manage your own expectations of winning, but also those of your team. You must face every challenge with the determination to win. Over time, your determined expectations must affect everyone on the team or you forfeit your right to lead.

If anyone on the team is more determined to win than you they should be leading, not you. You don’t have to be the best at every task, however, you should no peers when it comes to passion or determination.

There are no excuses for lack of determination in a leader. If you believe in the mission then it’s worthy of everyone’s best efforts, especially yours as the leader. Passionate determination differentiates average leaders from great leaders and it must be nurtured and invigorated constantly.

No one can predict the future but determined leaders can be counted on to lead the way with above average courage and determination until victory is assured. Lack of passionate determination to win should disqualify any leader.

Abraham Lincoln said, “Everything comes to those who wait but only things left by those who hustle.”

You either lead with determination and find a way to win, or you learn to accept the leftovers of those who hustle.

Which leader would you follow? Why do people follow you? Because you are a winner, or because you are satisfied coming in second?