“If you want to win–get the right people on your team.”

Stop looking for the ”best” and most talented people, look for the right people. It’s a waste of time to talk vision, leadership and strategy with people who are a not a good fit for your team, regardless of their talent, ability and past success on other teams.

Keep three things in mind when you are looking for future team members:

1. VISION: chasing an awesome dream with the wrong people can soon turn into a nightmare for many reasons. Lack of servant-driven leadership is at the top of the list.

2. PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT: a stronger whip won’t move a dead horse, and more carrots won’t energize an apathetic team member. You need to find out what makes future team members tick and what ticks them off before they join your team

3. STRATEGY: an “A” strategy executed by a “C” team would be comical if it weren’t so pathetic. Passionate pursuit of a great action plan with the wrong team just means you get to failure quicker.

Great leaders never forget that you teach people to know, you train them to perform, and you inspire them to action. They only recruit people of proven character, integrity and loyalty that possess the mind of a winner and the heart of a servant to join their team. To do otherwise, they know means setting themselves up for disappointment.

Take a look at your team. Who’s struggling, but still worth the investment of your time, energy and resources? Who needs released, so they can find a team where they would be a better fit?

The sooner you answer these two questions with brutal honesty, exercise the courage to make the appropriate decisions, no matter how tough, the sooner you will have a winning team!