“The DNA of an Inspirational leader.”

1. They have feet like a chicken. In case you don’t know, chickens can’t walk backwards.

2. They are passionate about maintaining a life-long learning curve.

3. They expect the best, first from themselves before seeking it from others.

4. They are goal setters and results oriented.

5. They make others feel significant and valuable.

6. They set an example of excellence in every effort.

7. They provide purpose, focus and energy.

8. They are go-givers, not go-getters.

9. They show respect to everyone and give honor when due.

10. They lead with questions and not commands.

11. They are great listeners and hear with their heart, not just their head.

12. They are well-rounded in their skills and balanced in their priorities.

Most of all, they radiate warmth and a caring spirit. Not as a goal to be reached, or as “window dressing” to impress others, but as a way of life.

Not sure if you have the DNA of a leader, ask your team. They study you every day. Unlike our physical DNA, we can improve our leadership DNA, if we will take an honest look in the mirror and create a “listening culture” with our team.