“Do you want to change what people think, or do you want them to have a winning performance?”

Winning performance is a function of what happens as a consequence of the action, not anything that occurs before. People do what they do because of what happens when they do it.

That’s why the cause of productive behavior lies, not in the conditions prior to the behavior, but what happens immediately after the behavior. That’s why without consequences, behavior seldom changes regardless of all the speeches, pep talks and promises before the performance.

Poor leaders try to change peoples’ minds hoping their behavior changes. Great leaders change peoples’ behavior by providing consequences that produce positive results. Leadership is about changing behavior, not changing the way people think.

Do you want your team to win? Find out what makes them tick (energizes) and what ticks them off (de-energizes), individually and as a team. Quit trying to read their minds and figure them out. Provide the right consequences and you will produce a winner.