”Does your leadership matter? To whom and why?”

Leadership matters because extraordinarily performing teams are the ultimate advantage for any organization–a business, a non-profit, a sports team, or a family for that matter. New or unique products or services might get you into the game, but only a well led team can deliver victory.

Here are nine things you can learn, practice and emulate every day showing your leadership matters:

Lead with Vision. When you have a compelling vision and you are able to convey it with clarity, your leadership matters because it comes from the strength of purpose and an unquenchable passion to win!

Lead with Communication. When you express your vision and ideas to others and take time to listen to their concerns and ideas, your leadership matters because it fuels true communication.

Lead with Value. When your passion is bringing value to your colleagues, customers and clients, your leadership matters because it reflects that you care.

Lead with Recognition. When you appreciate and recognize those that work with you and recognize their hard work, your leadership matters because you treat people the way you know everyone wants to be treated.

Lead with Connecting. When you surround yourself with good people and invest time in building relational equity, your leadership matters because it extends beyond you and your personal strengths.

Lead with Character. When your leadership is rooted in character, your leadership matters because it reflects your integrity and trust, the glue and lubricant of every great team and organization.

Lead with Empowerment. When you empower and instill confidence in others, your leadership matters because you empower them to take ownership and responsibility for their own efforts.

Lead with Questions. When you lead with questions, your leadership matters because you’re willing to admit you don’t have all the answers. Only poor leaders have all the answers.

Lead with Effectiveness & Efficiency. When every goal is attainable, actionable and important, the team understands the reason for every decision and you get things done. Your leadership matters because it’s based on your passion for creating a compelling future and a path to get there.

Your leadership doesn’t matter until it includes things that matter. Not just for today, but for the future. Not just for you, but for everyone on your team. If you didn’t show up tomorrow, would your team mourn or celebrate?