”Great leaders create while average and poor leaders wait.”

John Wooden, the greatest college basketball coach of all time said, “Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.”

Great leaders create new conditions. Good leaders make the best of current conditions, while poor leaders wait for the weather to change.

If you wait for the ideal conditions, the perfect timing or abundant resources, you will spend most of your time and energy waiting. And, very little time creating a compelling future that energizes your team and motivates people to support your cause.

Poor leaders stand on the dock waiting for their ship to come in, for their dreams to come true, or the right opportunity to appear. Many “wannabe” leaders are waiting for the next bus to success and find when it finally comes along, it’s being driven by a leader creating the journey.

Great leaders are like the snail who started up the tree while snow was still on the ground. A worm stuck his head out of a crevice and said, “There are no apples up there.” The snail replied, “There will be by the time I get there.”

Great leaders keep moving regardless of the obstacles or opposition. Resources and people seem to find the leaders who refuse to stop pursuing the vision. Someone once said, “Effort only releases its greatest reward after you refuse to quit.”

Great leaders succeed because they see the invisible, work while others rest and keep moving when most have stopped. However, most of all, they create what poor leaders are waiting for but seldom comes because they stand idly by.

“Great things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” Abraham Lincoln

What are you waiting for? Your team wants to know. They are trying to decide whether to continue following you or look for a leader who knows where they are going and has a plan to get there.