“Possessing the Gates of your Enemy.”

“And your offspring shall possess the gate of his enemy.” Genesis 22:17. ”Your offspring shall possess the gates of those who hate them.” – Genesis 24:60.

“The foundational pillars of all government and social life are virtue, morality, and religion. If we do not have righteous men and women sitting at the gates of the city, man without God will undo and tear down these great supports.” – Noah Webster

Who possesses the “gates,” the places of influence in your city? America is a nation founded and governed by Christian principles for her first 150 years. Now almost every school board, city council and county commission board is controlled by those committed to being politically correct at best, or worse, the total destruction of this Christian heritage.

If this trend is not turned around, the church’s ability to be ”salt and light” in the public square may be lost forever. What is the biblical strategy to regain and possess these places of influence?

First, the mission must be clear and compelling. Clear. Don’t confuse church work, what’s done in the building, with the work of the Church, what’s done in the marketplace. Don’t confuse preparation with participation. Don’t confuse the locker room with the battlefield.

Compelling. The call and commission is bigger than anyone of us and will outlast our lifetime. If it’s not worth giving your life for, why is it worth giving a day? It’s a message of hope worth sharing with even our most ardent critics.

Second, the message must be relevant without compromise. Relevant, not over culture, too heavenly-minded. Not under culture, has no earthly value. It must be within the culture as salt to season society and light to lead people from despair to victory. Without compromise, our message offers grace. However, it also requires repentance. It offers answers, but requires an active faith.

Third, the messengers must be passionate and persuasive. Passionate. Strong feelings that lead to focused and determined actions. Not easily discouraged and refusing to accept defeat.

Fourth, the method must be effective and efficient. Effective. Lives are saved and our city’s culture is changed. Efficient. Getting the message to the most people, in the least amount of time, at the cheapest cost.

Who controls the city council, school board and county commission where you live? If it’s not ambassadors of Jesus Christ, what is the strategy of the Body of Christ in your city to regain what’s been lost? God promised Abraham, the father of our faith, that all his sons and daughters would possess the “gates,” the places of influence.

Jesus affirmed it in Matthew 16:18, “I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” The promise has been given, the call has gone out and the power to accomplish the task has been here since the Day of Pentecost!

”Look, I have given you authority to crush snakes and scorpions underfoot. I have given you authority over all the power of the enemy. Nothing will harm you.” (CBE)

How long will the Church remain in her locker room, while the enemy remains unopposed on the battlefield? How long will the Church continue to pray for power and revival when its already been provided? Why does the Church continue to prepare for a battle for which it seems she never intends to fight?

What’s the Church waiting for in your city?