“Why some are chosen to lead and others are not.”

Leaders are not be chosen because they know everything, or can do everything. It’s also not because they have a title connected to a leadership position. And, it’s certainly not because they have academic degrees, certificates or endorsements by people who think they would be a good leader.

Some aforementioned reasons are good aids to leaders and some are clearly a hindrance. Leaders must be chosen because they have unquestionable character, integrity and can provide the following for their team:

1. They provide accurate, adequate and shared information. They embrace open and honest discussion and accept nothing less than fully informed decisions. Secrets and surprises are not allowed.
2. They create a compelling vision, based on the opportunities of tomorrow, not the problems of today, or the victories of the past.
3. They develop a measurable goal-driven strategy that highly energizes their team to fulfill the mission, not just report for duty.
4. They recruit, develop and empower the best team members, not necessarily the most talented, to accomplish the mission with a spirit of excellence and attention to detail.

If you are waiting for your first leadership assignment, work on these four things. If you are struggling in your current leadership position, improve in these four areas.

If you don’t have a desire to do either, find a leader to follow, you need one. Regardless of your title, position, degrees and endorsements, without a growing proficiency in these four areas, few will follow you and even fewer will follow you for long or very far.