“Are you a fulfilled or frustrated leader?”

Dealing with personal and team frustration is a normal part of leadership. Organizations are complex, regardless of size, and involves many people. So, it’s no surprise that frustration is going to happen from time to time. How you deal with it determines the effectiveness of your leadership.

Frustration in the workplace never gets better with age, seldom goes away by itself and always gets worse if left alone. Frustrated leaders and team members rarely do their best work. And, frustration is the first sign that your team has a problem. The good news is, frustration is an early warning sign. But if not dealt with, failure is almost certain.

Great leaders consistently ask the following four frustration-relief questions:

First, do all team members have the skills to competently serve our organization and win in their assigned task? If not, what adjustments are you making?

Second, how well does everyone understand and passionately support our mission, vision, values and strategy? How are you handling those who cannot or will not?

Third, do all team members place a high value on task completion, maintaining a winning attitude and vocabulary, staying on a continuous learning curve and displaying emotional maturity under pressure? If not, what positive actions are you taking to correct them?

Fourth, is every team member committed to the organization’s core values, the team, and a spirit of teamwork for delivering measurable results? What metrics are you using to measure results, individually and for the team? If you’re not measuring the effort, is it really worth doing?

If you want to see your vision become a reality, you can’t ignore these four checkpoints. Let them be daily speed bumps and energizing points to help you and your team relieve frustration, create momentum, elevate morale and guarantee a WIN for everyone!