”Vision or problems, which one consumes most of your time?”

Too many leaders are like non-swimmers, always thrashing about fighting the water. Stop draining your energy, wasting your leadership influence and building negative relational equity focusing on problems.

You can become discouraged and many times depressed while your team becomes de-energized. If not corrected, you soon find yourself being a boss trying to motivate (push from behind) people instead of being a leader inspiring the team to greatness by leading from the front.

Great leaders do not ignore problems, they simply make them the focus of someone else on their team while they remain focused on the mission, vision and reaching current goals.

Vision or problems? Choose today which one you will focus on this week, you can’t do both well at the same time! Managers focus on problems, they look through the microscope. Leaders focus on the vision, they look through the telescope. Organizations get in trouble when those called ”leaders” are looking through the wrong scope.

Visionary leaders have the ability to see into the future farther than those they are leading. They maintain an unwavering focus when everyone else wants to quit. And, they relentlessly pursue the goal that others say is impossible.

”Most of the important things in life have been accomplished by people who kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all”
Dale Carnegie