“Why great leaders attract passionate followers.”

After studying the world’s most admired leaders, Gallup Polls asked more than 10,000 followers around the world why they followed the most influential leaders in their life. Three key findings emerged from this research.

First, the most effective leaders are always investing in the strengths of their team members. When you focus on and invest in the strengths of your team, you can expect their passion for the vision to increase substantially.

Second, the most effective leaders surround themselves with the right people, not necessarily the best people. After choosing the right people, they maximize their strengths as a team, not as individual stars.

Third, the most effective leaders understand and address the needs of their team members. All great leaders were first great followers. Leadership is a two-way street. Followers serve their leader and leaders invest in the strengths of their followers.

Great leaders never see their personal success as an end in itself. They realize that if they have any lasting success at all. It rests in the hands of those who followed them.

Perhaps the greatest indicator of your success as a leader is not what you accomplish in your lifetime. But instead, what is accomplished by those who follow you in their lifetime.

If people aren’t energized by your leadership, take inventory. How much have invested in developing their future success? Showing up every day and giving their best is an investment in your success.

Leveraging your leadership influence by creating significant opportunities for their growth is what determines their passion for your leadership and energy for the vision.