“Attracting, selecting, developing and retaining key team members.”

You can enter the Kentucky Derby with any old horse. But if you want to win, you better find a thoroughbred. Only the best organizations align their assets, including human resources, with their vision and long-term strategic goals.

Have you identified the essential skills and behaviors for establishing core vision-motivated leadership teams from the front door to the front office?

Here are four keys that will help you attract, select, develop and retain the best “horses” for your leadership team:

ATTRACTING: Check your mission, vision, values, and strategy statements. Are they current, modeled by senior leaders and attractive to the best candidates? These statements are great recruiting tools if they are realities and not aspirations.

SELECTING: Make sure you understand a candidate’s key motivating factors and the ability to perform, especially under stress or pressure. You have to look beyond the resume and cherry picked references to find this information.

DEVELOPING: Everyone gets stale over time. You must learn the difference between motivation, the internal decision individuals make for themselves and the inspiration you provide as their leader. You must develop their competence for the work and inspire their heart to give their best effort before they are confident enough to really enjoy the task.

RETAINING: A lot of resources are spent attracting, selecting and developing new team members. However, if you don’t retain them, not only have you lost money and valuable time, you have lost team momentum and new revenue opportunities.

Creating and maintaining a better way of attracting, selecting and developing future leaders, coupled with a sound retention system, is cost effective. You must have all four if you want a healthy and successful organization. Not only that, it increases team morale and produces a dream work environment.

Do you want to just compete for quality people, or do you want to see them join your team and help you win?