Don’t quit because the way is tough.” Consider the birth of a giraffe. On arrival, it falls ten feet from its mother’s womb usually landing on its back. Within seconds, it rolls over and tucks its legs under its body. Shaking its head, it shakes off the last of the birthing fluid.

Soon, mother rudely introduces her offspring to life’s realities. Directly positioning herself over her calf, she swings her long legs outward and kicks the baby sending it sprawling head over heels.

When the baby giraffe doesn’t get up, mom repeats the process over and over until the calf stands for the first time on its own wobbly legs. Then she does it one more time. Why? So it doesn’t forget how to get to its feet again.

There is a common thread running through the lives of all great leaders. Though beaten up, beaten down, criticized, mocked and vilified, they keep getting up! You cannot destroy them or make them quit without their permission.

The world will always give you the opportunity to quit. But, only the world’s system would call quitting an opportunity.” Clint Brown

The defining moment in everyone’s life is when you have the chance to quit or go on. You cannot turn back the calendar, but you can rewind the clock. When someone tells you, “You’ll never make it, quit.” Ignore the advice and you are half-way to success.

”The man who wins may have been counted out many times, but he just didn’t hear the referee.” H.E. Jansen

Your choice is simple. Stand up and be counted, or lie down and be counted out. The only difference between winners and losers is winners get up one more time.

Winning and losing both begin first with a mindset, then an attitude and finally action. Don’t leave the game until you cross the finish line as a winner. Winning is competing with yourself, you have no other competitors.

I love a winner so much that if I see two doodle bugs racing, I’ll step on one and cheer for the other because I Iove a winner. I love everyone, but I barely love losers. Losers are not people, they are attitudes.

Life is full of unexpected events that you have not chosen. However, you do choose your attitude in response, no one else makes that choice.

Don’t show up for a race that you don’t expect to win. What races have you entered that in your mind the outcome was in doubt? Winning is all about preparation, attitude and perseverance. You must have all three before you enter the race!