”What’s the difference between a consultant, a presenter and a coach?”

If you want a prescription hire a consultant. If you want great information go to a workshop. If you want to maximize your potential engage with a coach.

The main difference between consultants, workshop-presenters and coaches is progress. The former may provide professional assessments and great information, but most of the time they keep your issues stirring for years without finding a sustainable solution.

Consultants and presenters are informationally driven, while coaches are relationally motivated. Real change and improvement requires more than professional assessments and new or more information.

Coaches only need to know three things:

First, What do you want? Vision
Second, What do you have? Present reality.
Third, What is your action-plan to close the gap between what you want and what you have? Strategy, actionable plan.

Good coaches do not waste valuable time or energy, yours or theirs. If your mind is not made up and your heart is not passionate about the answers to those three questions you may struggle with a coach. Stick with consultants and seminars, they are safer and more comfortable, especially if you have no intentions of changing.

Coaching is not about motivation and creating movement, but more about offering alternatives and inspiration. Consultants conduct assessments and write prescriptions. Presenters tend to overload you with great information that most of the time lacks context and application options.

All great leaders use consultants and workshop presenters, but they rely heavily on a personal coach to help them make sense of the assessments and information based on accountable relational equity.

“Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” Proverbs 27:7.