”Vision is about today–not just tomorrow”

Great leaders know that a compelling vision, modeled on a daily basis, is what lifts and inspires individuals, teams and entire organizations. It’s what sustains you and your team, especially during times of conflict, difficulty or discouragement.

However, vision is not just about the future. Neither is it simply an ideal to obtain someday, somewhere, or somehow. Too many leaders say, “I’ll have it someday. One day I’ll finish it. Or, someday it’s going to work.” No motivated person will follow that kind of leader for long, or very far.

Leaders of great organizations live their vision every day. It’s a force and a spirit of living that exists daily and affects every conversation, decision and priority by every person on your team. Vision is the forward momentum that keeps you going until you can fill the energy tank again.

Your vision must be the “present reality” that attracts vision-making type people. It makes them better and inspires them to follow your leadership to victory.

It worked for the greatest visionary of all time, Jesus of Nazareth. After 2000+ years, millions are still chasing His vision for the future by living it every day. That same passion will work for you and your team.

If people aren’t buying into your vision, it may be because you don’t show it to them often enough. People will not follow what they cannot clearly see. Vision is future oriented. However, it must be communicated and modeled every day!

Not sure if your team clearly sees, understands and is energized by your vision? Ask them. Better yet, have them write it out in two or three sentences. If they can’t, why are they still on your team?

Have you written it out? If you haven’t, that’s where you start your journey to winning and attracting winners. Until you do, you have failed in communicating your vision and making it compelling.

A vision that is not written is simply a dream without a plan.