“Who is Jesus? Where is Jesus? What is Jesus doing now?”

First, who is Jesus? The Magi settled this question in their hearts before they began their search for a king. You only seek for whom you think you will find. Your passion determines the amount of your sacrifice. Hence the Wise Men’s two-year journey. They sought for a king with something to give, not to receive.

Their worship preceded their giving. Their perceived value of His life determined the value of their gift. Divine revelation followed their giving. They were told to go home another way.

Whom you worship challenges the status quo. Jesus’ birth and sinless life challenged every other religion and belief system. It is still the dividing line. Why, because Jesus is Lord! Herod, the reigning Roman king’s authority is now in question. The number one sign a politician is in trouble is insincerity, “Tell me where he is, so I can worship him.” One day all earthly kings will acknowledge Jesus as the King of all kings.

Second, Where is Jesus? This question is not answered by a star over a manger because a baby in a manger threatens no one. You have to look beyond the manger. You could look to the Temple where he astounded the religious elders at age twelve with his insights. Religious leaders always seem astounded when confronted with the Truth. However, to answer this question you have to look to the context of a Jewish wedding to see Jesus’ manifested presence.

Weddings are full of excitement and expectations. It’s an occasion that makes visible the best and worst of people. What can go wrong usually does. On this occasion in John 2 the wine ran out. Maybe because the head count was inaccurate or someone failed to RSVP. Now the host is embarrassed, reputations are ruined, the bride’s family is shamed, the caterer looks incompetent and the crowd grows restless.

The miracle was not turning the water into wine, impressive as that was. The miracle was the transformation of the future, the party could continue. Notice how the host defined the miracle, “You have saved the best for now.”

With Jesus the present is good, but the future is always better. Where is Jesus? He’s in your past, “Slain before the foundation of the world.” He’s in your now, “An ever present help in the time of need.” He’s in your future, “Cutting down mountains, making the crooked ways straight and filling in the potholes of life.”

What is Jesus doing now? His greatest miracles today are not healing the sick, making the lame to walk or the blind to see, but ridding us from our fears. It’s wrapped up in two sets of three words, “Be not afraid,” and “It is I.” We are free from our past catching up with us. We are free of our present overwhelming us. And, we are free of worry about our unknown future.

Jesus’ greatest work is happening now through his Church. Not only as we gather on Sundays, but every day in the marketplace when we gather as frontline warriors to advance His Kingdom.

What the Wise Men and Shepherds discovered in the manger and the heathen king feared in his future. Jesus revealed at the wedding and the Church celebrates, not just on Christmas, but everyday.

This Wednesday we celebrate the Birthday of the greatest leader the world has ever known! Jesus is Lord over all the earth!

The question that still lingers, is He Lord over your life? He is only if you crown Him everyday, not just on Christmas. You can admire Him with your words, but you only crown him when your actions match your admiration.