”Who you worship always challenges the status quo.”

From His birth, Jesus of Nazareth has been a challenge to every other religion and belief system known to mankind. Why? Because Jesus is Lord of Lords and King of kings.

When Jesus came to earth, Herod, the reigning king’s authority is now challenged. The number one sign a politician is in trouble is insincerity. “Tell me where He is that I might worship Him.”

Royalty is confirmed when it’s recognized by other royalty. One day all earthly kings, religious leaders of every persuasion, and yes, even presidents, will acknowledge Jesus as the King of all Kings!

In this time of heated debate about who should be the next president of the USA, let’s pray and elect the one whose party platform and value system best represents the Kingdom of Light.

The end of man’s ability and the limits of his capacity is the beginning of God’s. With Jesus, and no one else, the future is bright, and opportunities abound. Let the Church not get caught up in personalities, human ideologies and political parties.

We are Kingdom Ambassadors, living amid fallen humanity. Our message is spiritual, not political. Our ability and energy to fulfill our mission as ambassadors operating in hostile territory is not intellectual, but supernatural.

The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of the enemy’s strongholds that abound all around us. Will the Church arise during this very critical hour for our nation and regain the moral high ground for the glory of our King is the question every Christian must ask.

As the time approaches to select the President who will lead our country during this time of great stress and world unrest, let’s not get pulled into the pettiness of politics. Our hearts must burn with passion for our King’s interests and we must pray that Holy Spirit boldness will come upon us as we share our message of hope.

Presidents come and go but our King’s reign is forever. Regardless of who sits in the Oval Office as president, my King is still on Heaven’s throne. And, a king trumps a president every time!