“The location of your platform does not determine the level of anointing for your ministry.”

“May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us—yes, establish the work of our hands.” Psalm 90:17

If we haven’t entered our work as a result of God’s calling, we will eventually face a chasm of deep frustration and emptiness, regardless of our geography. Ephesians 4:1 says, all believers must, “Walk worthy in the vocation in which God called them.”

So often we enter careers with wrong motives; money, prestige, and even pressure from parents or peers. Failing to match our vocation with our giftedness and calling is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. If that happens over an extended period, most people crash, even Christians!

You can have a job, a career or a calling, but don’t make the second mistake. Many think that beginning a new career in “full-time Christian work” will fill the emptiness they feel. They are passionate about serving Jesus they just know they haven’t been called to traditional vocational ministry and see no other options.

However, quitting one calling to pursue another one only exacerbates the problem because they are again trying to put another square peg into a round hole. The problem is not whether we should be in “Christian work” or “secular work.” Neither Jesus nor Scripture make that distinction. The better question is what opportunity is most fitting and inspired by my gifts and calling.

If there is one phrase I wish I could remove from the English language it is “full-time Christian work.” If you are a Christian, you are in full-time Christian work, whether you are driving nails or driving home a point in the pulpit. Sharing the gospel is the common denominator for both callings. The question must be, are you achieving the God-given calling for your life?

God has called people into business, government service and education to fulfill His purposes just as much as He has called people to be pastors or missionaries. The anointing must be the same for all if they are to reflect Christ and accomplish the work of the ministry.

It is time for workplace believers to stop feeling like second-class citizens for being in marketplace ministry. It is time workplace believers stop working toward financial independence so that they can concentrate on their “true spiritual calling.” This is the great deception for many called to marketplace ministry.

Significance comes from fulfilling the God-given purpose for which you were made. Success is what others say about your efforts, man keeps score. Your anointing comes when the cause for which you were born arises.

Serving the Lord without His anointing is wearisome at best, or worse, fruitless. Be a faithful Kingdom ambassador where you are today. Never let the location of your “platform” determine the level of your anointing or the effectiveness of your message.