“A storm arose… so what?”

Following Jesus sometimes leads you directly into a storm. John 6:18 says, “And a storm arose.”

After watching Jesus miraculously feed 5,000 men plus women and children, Jesus told the disciples to get into a boat and go to the other side of the lake. Jesus had just made a faith deposit in them by providing a meal and now He is providing an examination, the storm, to see how much they learned.

A storm has arisen in America and the entire world. The Church finds herself caught right in the middle. She is being forced out of the safe harbors of her buildings with the greatest opportunity, at least in my lifetime, to show the goodness and greatness of our God with all the world watching. I pray the Church will rise to the occasion and allow this storm to be her finest hour.

The storms of life reveal who you are and who you are not. There are some in the Body of Christ who would have you believe that faith means never having to face the storm. Without storms where is the need for faith beyond salvation? The Church, the “called out ones,” is made for the storm.

I wish I could tell you that following Jesus means no problems, difficulties, or disappointments. That’s not reality. That’s Heaven and one day, following Jesus will lead us there. Until then, the Church must lead the way through the storms during this time on earth.

Following Jesus does not offer immunity from storms, but the opportunity to experience His faithfulness during the storm. Life comes with troubles whether you are a follower of Christ or not. The rain falls and the sun shines on the just and the unjust.

As believers, we have the choice to invite Jesus into our storm as He walks by or go it alone. Those who have never met Jesus, have no choice but to weather the storm alone. The message the Church has for America and the rest of world during this national tragedy is to invite Jesus into your storm.

John 6:21 says, “Seeing Jesus walking by, they invited Him into their boat.”

America was founded by men and women who believed the message, “There is given under heaven no other name whereby men are saved.” They believed Jesus was Lord of all and the only way to eternal life with God.

They brought Him with them in their hearts when they arrived on our shores over four-hundred years ago. Their faith in Jesus, not in any other name, was evident in all the founding documents of our great nation.

Faith in Jesus Christ was at the center of America’s education, business, government and everyday life for her first 250 years. That faith carried them through every storm. Then in the late 1880s the universities decided they no longer needed Him in their boat, they could weather the storms without Him. That decision has all but destroyed the “Faith of our Fathers” for two generations.

Jesus is still walking by America. Oh that the Church would use this current storm to repent and invite Him back into the center of public life. May she restore the message of love for and hope in Jesus as the only way to find peace during these turbulent times. Religion without relationship brings a false sense of peace, but only a personal relationship with the Creator of life brings joy and lasting peace.

Someone once said, “A calm sea never makes a good sailor.” If you, your family, or loved ones are troubled or fearful today, remember, Jesus also said, “Be not afraid.” He is walking by, invite Him into your boat (life) and experience the peace only He can bring.

God wants to release the faith He’s deposited in you during your learning times. It takes a storm to reveal the true strength of your faith. As with all storms, this one will also pass. But while the storm rages, invite Jesus into your boat and find rest. When all the news is saying a storm is raging, you can say, so what?