”Are you the Gift that keeps on giving?”

Jesus is the greatest gift ever given. When God gave his son to be the Savior of all mankind, He made it possible for every person to have a personal relationship with their creator. According to Acts 4:12, Jesus is the only way to have that relationship. Truly, He is the gift that keeps on giving. When we accept the gift of Jesus into our hearts, we accept the life-call that comes with it. By answering that call we are now the gift that keeps on giving to others.

Romans 11:29 says, “For the gifts and callings of God are irrevocable.” Jesus answered the Father’s call by dying on the cross for you. The Father is not sorry for giving you the gift of salvation, personal gifts and a calling to use them to bless others. Your gift is always for the benefit of others. Your blessing comes from using it for their benefit.

People often say to me, “I don’t know what God has called me to do.” Your gift, what gets you out of bed every morning, is always related to your calling. The easiest thing you will ever do is what God has called you to do.

Why? Because He gifted and empowered you to do it. Will there be challenges, difficulties, and struggles? Absolutely! But nothing compared to what you face when you live outside His calling. All of us have different gifts. However, we all have the same five callings in life.

First, there is the call to someone, Christ. Before you answer the call to a job, a career or a cause, answer the call to represent Christ in all that you do. Always make Christ your source. Never allow Him to become a resource, used only in emergencies.

Second, the call to deny yourself. The ultimate purpose of our life is to live it for others. Only then will you find your greatest fulfillment. The most miserable people I know are those who wake up in the morning and their first thought is of themselves. You will never be satisfied being the center of your own joy.

Third, the call to your natural family. Next to God, there is no greater calling than to your own flesh and blood. The first attack of Satan was against the family. He works overtime to destroy families, beginning with the fathers.

Fourth, the call to your spiritual family. Your spiritual family, “those of like precious faith,” is the incubator to prepare you for your destiny. The Bible says, ”Forsake not the assembling of yourselves together.” Sometimes your spiritual family is closer in times of need than your natural family.

Fifth, the call to pick up your cross. Your God-given cross is not burdensome. Jesus said, ”My yoke is easy and my burdens are light.” Christ carried the burden of sin for you. He tells you to cast all your cares on Him. It’s the enemy that wants you to carry the weight of your own sin, cares, and even the burden of ”ministry.”

What is your cross? It is your destiny, the purpose for which God gave you life, gifts and a call to bless others. What moves you? What makes you laugh or cry? What energizes you? God gave you gifts, talents and a call to match your heart’s desire. That is what He wants you to pick up every day.

You may never rewrite world history, but you can bring joy to someone everyday and rewrite their history, at least for that moment. You can be the gift that keeps on giving. How? Find someone who needs a gift today, step into their life and give them a smile and a kind word. Those two gifts are free–but immeasurably valuable.