Dale Lind

The E.I. Guy*
*Emotional Intelligence

Dale Lind, who exemplifies Marketplace Ministry – both throughout his successful career developing Waterman Village in Mount Dora Florida and as a sought-after author/speaker who focuses on mastering the concept of Emotional Intelligence.

Dale is the author of Empowered Possibilities: Living Your Best Life at Any Age and, most recently, released Breaking through to the Emotionally Intelligent You: Be the Person You Were Meant to Be.  Dale is an authority on Emotional Intelligence – It is a well established fact that Emotional Intelligence is a far better predictor than Intellectual Intelligence. The single most important purpose of Dale’s book is to provide the reader with a ten-step process for achieving the emotionally intelligent greatness they were designed for.

At Transforming Your City Acceleration 2019, Dale speaks on the topic of Emotional Intelligence during Wednesday’s Leadership Development intensive.

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