Glenn Repple

Keynote Speaker

Glenn Repple is the Founder and President of G.A. Repple Financial Group which manages several businesses including G.A. Repple and Company, a national broker dealer and securities firm.

Glenn is also publisher of the daily Monday-Friday inspirational series, “The Repple Minute.”  “The Repple Minute” is the daily morning minute designed to inspire, encourage, uplift and challenge your walk with the Lord.

One of the major purposes of the Morning Minute is for people to know their Identity in Christ and their righteousness (right standing) with God in Christ Jesus.

Glenn Repple has continuously published “The Morning Minute” since 2006 to encourage, uplift and challenge us to step further into God’s plan by recognizing the opportunities that are available through application of God’s Word to our daily lives.

Glenn also has recently published his popular new book “Fraud: What God Has to Say About the Tactics of the Enemy” – available both in English and Spanish language editions – which came from a special 40-day series that he published in his “The Repple Minute” broadcasts.

Glenn’s journey of preparation in the Financial Services industry started in 1972, and eventually led him to become a Regional Vice President with E.F. Hutton Financial Services. His responsibilities were to recruit and train Attorneys, CPA’s, Insurance Agents and Stock Brokers to work together providing financial planning services to clients and businesses owners. After 10 years of corporate training and experience and with an expanded passion for serving people, Glenn left E.F. Hutton in 1982 to become and independent Financial Planner to start G.A. Repple and Company. Since its founding, G.A. Repple has expanded with offices throughout the United States and licensed in 49 States. G.A. Repple has assisted in the formation of over hundreds of foundations and has raised millions of dollars to fund Kingdom of God purposes through tax and estate planning strategies.

Glenn is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Certified Life Underwriter® and Enrolled Agent with the Internal Revenue Service. Glenn is also a Certified Biblical Entrepreneurship Teacher and Ordained Minister to the market place. Biblical Entrepreneurship is a comprehensive, transformational, business discipleship course that provides a strong mix of core business concepts and biblical principles. Glenn has trained over 500 business leaders who have likewise, claim, spreading the teaching into over 24 nations helping to fulfill Glenn’s mission – “Helping people fulfill God’s plan for their lives through business.”

Glenn is also the past Board Chairman and Board Member of Nehemiah Project International Ministries. He is currently brings the transformational Biblical Entrepreneurship training to Businesses, Business leaders, Churches, Boards and Ministries. Over 10,000 business leaders have been trained through Biblical Entrepreneurship. Most of the graduates of the program operate small to med-size businesses.

G A Repple and Company
A Registered Broker/Dealer & Investment Advisor Member FINRA &SIPC

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