The Transforming Your City Acceleration Conference 2019

Transforming Your City Acceleration Conference 2019

The Transforming Your City Acceleration Conference 2019

The three days – November 6th-8th – the Transforming Your City Acceleration Conference 2019 – are designed for your Acceleration!  It is a fast-paced and informative experience that moves from Wednesday’s expert Leadership Training sessions and fascinating and profitable Marketing & Social Media Intensive, to Thursday’s outstanding Woman In Action Revive Ladies Conference, Aging Gracefully and Beautifully Seniors & Caregivers Conference, and special Red Carpet Experience and Screening of the popular Christian film “Beautifully Broken” and culminates with Friday’s Transforming Your City Conference Meeting, the Transforming Your City Expo and Transforming Your City Youth!  Experience.

Conference at a Glance:

Leadership Expert Dr. Dave Robinson has set the pace and direction for Transforming Your City – and we’ve gathered excellent Keynote Speakers, from all corners of the world, who bring their own expertise to the topics.  Special meet’n’greet segments ensure your access to these leaders along the way.  

In cooperation with the Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary, of Greensboro Maryland and Melbourne Florida, participants at each Conference session of the Transforming Your City Acceleration Conference 2019, will receive a Certificate of Completion and are eligible to obtain College Course Credit, towards Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary degree programs, through the College’s Registrar Office.  


Your Personal Invitation

I’m Kerry Fink and I have the privilege of working with Dr. Dave Robinson, the visionary of Transforming Your City. We’re thrilled about the Marketplace Ministry opportunity that Transforming Your City provides. We appreciate the opportunity to co-labor with you in taking back the three gates of influence, as “Coach Dave” often explains, that control every city:

Business, Government, and Education

Business creates the jobs – and the wealth – that keeps the wheels turning. Government makes the rules and regulations and, to some degree, redistributes the wealth to accomplish those purposes. Education represents the future – what is taught to those coming up is a representation of the way things will be as time goes along.

As Christians, we often abdicate our responsibility to be present in these areas because it can be tough – and often uncomfortable – in today’s politically correct world. In fact, it often feels “safer” to retreat into the comfort of our Church fellowships than to tackle the thorny and awkward questions that come up in today’s fast-changing legislative and moral environments. And, yet, we are called out to do the exact opposite. We are to be a light “in the world” and “not of it.”

Recently, during beverage service on a recent flight, the airline provided a napkin and, next to the airline’s logo, it read “The World is Changed by Those Out In It.” Interesting concept – and very much at the core of our calling as Marketplace Ministers!

The Transforming Your City Acceleration Conference is NOT ABOUT offering a formula … it is about equipping us for working together to develop us, as Marketplace Leaders, to help about those we care about most, and to impact OUR community for good.

So, let’s get started! Mark your Calendar now – save the dates – Wednesday-Friday, November 6th-8th 2019 – and plan also for the related events happening over the weekend, Saturday-Sunday, November 9th-10th 2019.

God Bless you!

Transforming Your City Beachside Conference Venue

Transforming Your City Accelerate 2019 Conference takes place Beachside at the Paradise Conference Center.

Paradise Conference Center Venue is located just across from one of Satellite Beach’s famous beaches at 1550 Highway A1A in Satellite Beach.  The Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Conference events, unless otherwise, all take place at the Paradise Conference Center.  Meals at the Conference Center are prepared by Certified Executive Chef, Kim Meriedeth.

Transforming Your City Leadership Experts


Transforming Your City Accelerate 2019 Conference with Top Quality Leadership Experts

Transforming Your City Acceleration is Blessed to have amazing Leadership Talent coming together to sharpen our skills to enable us to maximize our effectiveness in Marketplace Ministry.

The Transforming Your City Acceleration Conference Weekend Events

You are welcome at our related Saturday & Sunday November 9th-10th events following the Transforming Your City Acceleration Conference 2019!

The American Evangelistic Association 65th Anniversary Fall Conference – Saturday, November 9th, 9am-4pm. 

The Chesapeake Bible College & Seminary 42nd Anniversary Fall Graduation Ceremonies – 6pm-8pm Saturday, November 9th.

Sunday, November 10th, is Celebration Sunday hosted by Community Gospel Truth Church – service at 11am and Church Picnic following.

For information on these events, and/or to RSVP for, please contact AEA Ministries at 321-725-1186.

The 1st Gate of Influence

1st Gate of Influence - Business

Creates the Wealth in Your City.


The 2nd Gate of Influence

2nd Gate of Influence - Government

Controls by Law & Legislation.

The 3rd Gate of Influence

3rd Gate of Influence - Education

Sets Future Values & Philosophies.

The Leadership Experience

Leadership Coach and Expert Dr. Dave Robinson Ph.D shares what is on his heart – giving you a fresh insight and revelation into Transforming YOUR City!

Tools that Make a Difference

Author/Speaker/Coach Dr. Dave Robinson, travels globally more than 250 days each year, equipping Marketplace Leaders with the tools and tips that ensure success both individually, organizationally and in the market place.

Ministry Outside the Box

Transforming Your City Day empowers you to take back the “Gates of Influence” in your city through Marketplace Leadership.

Leadership Panels to Empower You

The Transforming Your City Day Conference includes panels of local leaders who participate in highly relevant discussion panels, covering the Business, Government and Education gates of influence in your city.